Albion Flats Update

Please check out the SmartCentres Albion Shopping website to find out the latest updates on the company's proposed project.

Election 2011

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The results are in and we wanted to congratulate incumbent Mayor Ernie Daykin and incumbent Councillors Judy Dueck, Cheryl Ashlie, Al Hogarth, and Mike Morden for their successful re-election to Council along with new Council members Dr. Robert Masse and Corissa Bell.


The upcoming Council term will no doubt bring about much needed change to our community, particularly in the Albion Flats, and we look forward to working with these individuals to bring much needed services to East Maple Ridge and more shopping options for our residents!!


We thank all of our members and supporters for getting out to vote and please stay tuned for our next steps!!

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Upcoming Municipal Election - Get out and VOTE!

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The Albion Flats Concept Plan is now before the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) for consideration. We understand that the ALC will be meeting to discuss the Draft Plan at their October meeting, at which time, further direction will be given to the District regarding the future of the study area. We hope that by working with both the District and ALC, we are able to come up with a solution that not only benefits the agricultural community, but the District of Maple Ridge at large. We are confident that this next Council term will bring about many changes in the Albion as the Concept Plan becomes more articulated and land uses are better defined. The majority of this Council has supported future growth and development in Maple Ridge, specifically with the Albion Flats Concept Plan, to bring much needed jobs, commerce, and SHOPPING to our community. Don't forget that this Council voted to send a Plan to the ALC that could bring thousands of new jobs, significant annual property tax revenue, and hundreds of millions of dollars in investment to Maple Ridge. A number of important decisions over the past 3 years by the majority of this Council were: Having the Albion Flats included as a 'Special Study Area' within Metro Vancouver's recently adopted Regional Growth Strategy: Hosting a variety of public meetings and charettes during the Albion Flats Concept Plan process to ensure ALL members of the community were heard from: Submitting a Plan to the ALC for comment that contemplated development on BOTH sides of 105th Avenue. Those members on Council who support shopping and development in the Albion have worked very hard during their term to develop a workable Concept Plan that we can support. We think that it is important that the current Council members have the opportunity to return for another term to finish what they and the community have started. We will be following the upcoming municipal election carefully and will make sure that we keep you all informed of upcoming 'all candidates meetings', news clips, and any other relevant information. This term promises to be an exciting time for Maple Ridge!!! Get out and VOTE on November 19th!!!!! See Less


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The District of Maple Ridge will be hosting their final public information meeting on the Albion Flats Concept Plan on Wednesday, March 30th from 4pm - 8pm (drop-in basis) at the District Hall - Council Chambers. This will be YOUR last opportunity for input into the Plan before it is forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) in early May 2011 for comment.

Meeting Details:

Date - Wednesday, March 30th
Time - 4pm - 8pm (drop-in)
Location - Maple Ridge Council Chambers, District Hall

It is important that we get as many residents out to support the Plan as possible. The proposed Plan responds directly to what we, as Residents for Smart Shopping, have been advocating for over the past 2 years. If approved, the Plan will bring much needed shopping to our community along with significant job creation and tax incentives.

PLEASE COME OUT AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT... you only need to spend 15 mins at the open house (no formal presentation) to makesure your voice is heard.

Mayor and Council need to know that the Plan moving forward is a Plan that MAPLE RIDGE RESIDENTS want to see!!!

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At Council's February 8th meeting, Mayor Daykin and Councillor's Ashlie, Dueck, Hogarth, and Morden passed a motion to move forward with a Concept Plan for the Albion Flats that contemplates development on both sides of 105th Avenue. By doing so, these members of Council have demonstrated that they not only listen to the needs of Maple Ridge residents, but that they are also committed to bringing much needed shopping options to our community. As RSS members have advocated throughout this ongoing planning process, it would not be in the best interest of our community to consider development only southeast of 105th Avenue. We need to diversify our tax basis, we need to revitalize underutilized land, and most importantly, we need to stop driving outside of this community to do our daily shopping.

Throughout the next 1-2 months, we anticipate that there will be a number of opportunities for RSS members and the Maple Ridge community at large to GET INVOLVED and voice their continued support for a comprehensive development plan for the Albion before an exclusion application is made to the Agricultural Land Commission.

Stay tuned!!!

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This past Fall, the District of Maple Ridge undertook a charette to produce concept plan options for the Albion Flats. The resulting plans only focused on lands east of 105th Ave. We feel that these plans do not reflect the original intent of the Albion planning process nor do they provide a viable alternative for more employment, shopping, and taxes for our community.

We are not developers or designers, so we approached the qualified landowners to seek their assistance in designing our vision for the Albion Flats. Our focus is to create a complete community with a "pedestrian village" that is not a "Big Box" development resembling Meadowtown Centre. We feel that it is important to incorporate several public gathering spaces, to have significant green space and parks, to expand the trail network, to protect environmental areas, and most of all, to incorporate unique architecture making this area distinct and unique to Maple Ridge.

The following attachment expands on what the charette team produced in October and illustrates what OUR vision is for the Albion Flats and the future development options west of 105th Ave.

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Many of you may have read in the local newspaper that Mayor and Council have ordered another meeting for the Albion Flats Concept Plan on December 8th following the outcome of the October 20-21 charette to hear from the other stakeholders not able to attend the previous meeting. The meeting will start at 4pm in the District Hall and continue until 9pm to accomodate's people's working hours.

Residents for Smart Shopping has received confirmation from a number of representatives that they will be in attendance at the December 8th meeting.

The District will also be permitting all landowners to attend the evening meeting, which we hope will provide an additional voice for further development in the Albion.

As always, we encourage you to write Mayor and Council and show your continued support for a new shopping centre at Lougheed Hwy and 105th Ave.

We will provide everyone with an update following the December 8th meeting.

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Here is a quick update on the Albion Flats Concept Plan process. Some of you may have attended the charrette on the Albion or seen the media coverage.

Clearly, we were disappointed with the results. Of the 16 out of the 31 stakeholder groups who were able to participate in the two-day charrette, 7 participants were District of Maple Ridge Staff. Obviously, the greater Maple Ridge Community was not adequately represented and as landowners, we were only permitted to participate one hour each day of the charrette.

The current options do not reflect what we feel the majority of the community wants to see in the Albion but fortunately, the charrette is only one small step in the larger Albion Flats Concept Plan process. As a result of the strong criticism voiced to the Mayor and Council, another charrette will be held either during the evening or on a weekend to allow more people to attend. More on this to come.

This is our request.

Please take a few minutes and email Mayor Diana Hall and Council/District Staff your comments on the Albion. We have been assured that your comments will be given careful consideration.

If you have not already done so, please click here for the Community Workbook. Please make sure you complete the section titled 'ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT', pages 9 and 10 and attach it to your e-mail to Diana Hall. You are not obligated to complete the entire booklet.

Thank you for your patience. With your participation, we are slowly making progress toward making shopping in the Albion a reality.

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As many of you know, the District hosted the Albion Flats Community Forum on September 29th. We wanted to thank all of you for coming out and showing your support!! At the Forum, the District handed out workbooks for residents to fill out on a variety of different topics ranging from economic development to built form and design. We understand that many of you may not have been able to attend the Forum and therefore, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to fill out the workbook and get your voice heard!

Please visit to download the workbook that was distributed to all guests on Sept 29th. Please make sure you complete the section titled 'ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT', pages 9 and 10. You are not obligated to complete the entire booklet.

If you are supportive of commercial development and more specifically a new shopping centre on the Flats, please make sure that you fill out all 3 questions on pages 9 and 10 and indicate that you want a new retail development at 105th Avenue and Lougheed Hwy.

Once completed, you can save the booklet as a word document and attach it to your e-mail to Diana Hall at You can also drop the booklet off at the District Hall to the attention of DIANA HALL.

The next important date to mark on your calendar will be OCTOBER 21st at which the District's consulting team will be presenting a draft concept plan for the Albion Flats.

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As many of you know, the District is moving forward with the Albion Area Concept Plan and this is OUR time to speak up and tell the District that we need a new shopping centre on the Flats. .

The District will be hosting a 'Community Forum' on September 29th from 5pm - 9pm (drop-in) to get your opinion on how the Albion should be developed and what you envision down on the Flats.

Event: Community Forum
Date: Wednesday, September 29th
Time: 5pm - 9pm (drop-in)
Location: The ACT Theatre (adjacent District Hall & Haney Place Mall)

This is the crucial time for each of us to GET INVOLVED with the message that we need a new shopping centre at 105th Avenue and Lougheed Hwy.

Please come out on the 29th, spend a few minutes filling out a comment sheet, and learn more about what is planned for the Albion Area.

This is OUR time Maple Ridge.

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We wanted to invite everyone out to the Supporters Lunch being hosted by representatives of SmartCentres on Sunday, September 19th at The Golden Ears Winter Club from 1pm - 3pm to discuss the upcoming Albion Planning Process. Lunch will be provided.

As you may know from the local media, the Albion Plan is moving forward and this coming Fall, there will be a number of opportunities for members of Residents for Smart Shopping to help shape the future Land Use Plan and to ensure that a new shopping centre is included in the Albion Flats

RSS will need your support more than ever this coming Fall as we move through the 'community consultation' portion of the Albion Planning Process. As we have told Mayor and Council countless times, we want greater shopping opportunities in OUR community. This is OUR time to reinforce that message to not only our local politicians, but District planning staff and their consultants.

Please come out to the Supporters Lunch on Sept 19th, learn more about the important dates this Fall for the Albion Plan, and GET INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the 19th!

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Council has resolved to move forward immediately with the Albion Area Plan in two phases. The first phase will involve the development of a Concept Plan for the Albion Flats on the north side of the Lougheed Hwy that is to be completed by March 31, 2011. Through the Concept Plan phase, a detailed public process will be completed along with a number of preliminary assessments, including transportation studies, environmental impact assessments, and ongoing discussions with the Agricultural Land Commission, Metro Vancouver, and Provincial ministries. During this phase of the Plan, the District will submit all exclusion applications to the ALC for consideration.

Once the Concept Plan has been finalized and endorsed by the ALC, the District will move forward with an Area Plan & any related OCP amendments. This will take upwards of 6 months to complete. During this phase, all preliminary work will be finalized and detailed cost estimates will be compiled.

Under this timeline, the Albion Area Plan will therefore be completed by September 31, 2011 at the outset.

The current timeline is NOT acceptable to RSS. Although we appreciate the work of Council and District staff in moving this Plan forward, we cannot have the Flats sit ideal for another 3 years. RSS is committed to expediting this process and getting a new shopping centre built in the Albion. We encourage everyone to get out, get involved, and continue to tell Mayor/Council that the Albion Area Plan needs to be top priority.

Stay tuned!!!!
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Representatives of RSS recently appeared on the Bill Good Show. Please click below to hear the live podcast of their interview.
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